Do I need to allow for wool socks when considering the size?

No. The wool will keep you warm, even in the freezing cold, without any extra layers. Do not buy a size bigger from your regular size, because the Arctips shoes are wide by design. Your regular size should allow for a wool sock. You might even want to consider going one size smaller. And if the size isn't right, you can always have the shoes replaced.

How to care for my shoes?

Before first use, you may spray your shoes with a shoe protector spray for leather, suede or textile, but this is not a must. When in use, you only need to wipe the slush or dirt off the shoes as you get home. The felt is given a dirt resistant treatment in manufacture, and felt is naturally dirt resistant. But don't abandon common sense, especially with white shoes.

Does the shoe keep dry in slushy weather?

Yes it does, and it can handle reasonably damp conditions. But don't go and put them in the washing machine, because water can shrink the felt. With their sturdy rubber outsole, The Arctips shoes protect the soles of your feet from both damp and cold.

What kind of a delivery time can I expect?

Just to be safe, please place the order a week before you need the product – and two weeks around the holidays to ensure delivery in time for Christmas. Typically we can deliver to your local post office within two days of placing the order.

What's your return policy?

You may return the shoes within 14 days of delivery at no cost, in accordance with Finnish consumer protection legislation. If the size doesn't fit, we'll deliver a replacement pair – again, at no extra cost for the buyer.

Do you deliver to the door?

The shoes are delivered to your local post office as any regular parcel.

Why aren't the shoes made of Finnish sheep wool?

Merino wool, the top wool in the world, is not produced in Finland, and we wanted to make these shoes out of the highest quality wool available. Merino wool is a light and warm material with exceptional breathability.

Are the shoes slip resistant?

Yes. The outsoles are made of rubber and have excellent anti-slip properties.