Arctips. Hand-made. From Finland.

In our neck of the woods, we have always valued genuine craftsmanship. Whether it's stacking hay, making willow flutes or designing footwear, it's all about doing the best work possible. One of the few remaining Finnish footwear manufacturers, the Töysä shoe factory carries on with unwavering commitment to high-quality footwear. Because when you do the best work possible, success follows.

The factory was established by Arvid Mäkelä in 1932. Since the beginning, we've always held the art of craftsmanship in the highest esteem. Even today, we employ professional shoemakers committed to making quality footwear. Nowadays, however, we belong to an ever-dwindling group. This is why we feel that by wearing Arctips shoes, our customers help us preserve valuable tradition. Innovation is essential when trying to uphold the art of craftsmanship and footwear manufacture in the modern day. We're here to lead the way.

The shoemakers in our factory continue to use traditional manufacturing methods to produce high-quality hand-made footwear. Our factory floor is brimming with specialty tools, such as the century-old needle punch machine, still in active duty.

Times change, but hard work endures. Thank you for your interest in the Töysä shoe factory and the Arctips wool felt Lappish boots. We hope you enjoy your shoes and wear them for a long time to come. They truly have earned it.

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